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Short films and video clips for our mutual enjoyment. Laugh a little, think a little and saunter about to the tunes and visuals.

- a careless leisurely gait; "he walked with a kind of saunter as if he hadn't a care in the world"
- amble: a leisurely walk (usually in some public place)
- stroll: walk leisurely and with no apparent aim

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Watch Video on YouTubeHip Hop Is Dead, The Movie
Posted March 14, 2008
A tall tale of suburban American teens struggling to cope with an undeniable wave of fake music and listeners alike 'murdering' the beauty of hip-hop and its unmistakable power as an art form.

Watch Video on YouTubeThrow Some Scotty Deez
Posted December 28, 2006 presents the epic rendition of Rich Boy's "Throw Some D's" in a way that doesn't explain furnishing a vehicle with Davin Rims, but instead the throwing of an individual by the name of Scotty Deez onto various objects.

Watch Video on YouTubeRoadtrip Ramblings
Posted May 24, 2008
"Fuckin 40 dollars, I'm taking a leak in the parking lot." That and other late night ramblings from a South Carolina gas station, filmed 4/22/2005. Recorded on a road trip with schoolday chum Dsteins and immediately following a brief discussion with the Dragon Zordon. There is absolutely no reason for this film, basically me just being an idiot. Music by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony & The Grateful Dead
Watch Video on YouTubeProfessor X and The Chem Lab - Beaker Breakers
Posted September 18, 2007
Professor X and The Chem Lab perform the song "Beaker Breakers" from their debut album The Hydro-Thesis. Live at the Brass Horse in Waterbury, CT - 8.25.07