It's like that

Wander through trees leaves encased in ice, overflow with style around town entice
Orange slice on the tip, not Q but the moon, its blue and we're due it'll pickup soon

So we hustle all night, no plight we're just flowing, engaged with the page each day I'm showing
No time to just rhyme thoughts abstract so I'm going, instill emotion in your words if not you're just blowing

I've got one eye open, one closed and one growing; no gains to be had by sitting around and knowing
Find direction, execute.. don't get lost with indecision, initialize your vision primary intuition

Coast on ice glitters shattered on this curbside, on my Earth ride.. I just design the tide
Be mindful of your steps as we alter this landscape, ride the breeze.. dodge the rocks evade an earthquake

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Lyrics written to the song: "Tribe Called Quest - We Can Get Down"
Tags: 820ambition, bnapoli, hustle, grow, its like that, style

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