I ain't goin' out like a sucker no way, all day ok... I just rise always
Rise above rise within, grow with intervention
Get back off my couch you don't deserve my attention
Ascension, venting blowing steam all day... I'm just breathing, I'm just breathing
Can I breathe n blow you far away... can I breathe?

Close my throat whole and my nose hole and there's no rollin' over when it comes to those
Who mean the world to me, open your soul and see
Can't just sit aside cause it fucks with me

Stay centered with self and just vibe on this soundwave
In this enclave
I can rhyme and dance, I can piss my pants, I can do what I want cause my minds entranced

Through the heart pumping knowledge as it grows within, alas death is the key to life
In my cells, clustered up yet it sells to be
Fake you see, go and speak on me

Look past look beyond venture far south, ride these cool blue waters and just close your mouth
Speak when spoken, don't fix whats not broken
Clutch with your fist you only got one token

One pass, one trip, one venture... among those who came before
Inhale some life, exhale the dream, touch down on this plane and project your beam

One life to live, one dream to give, look out for yourself but don't forget your kin
Cause that's all you've got, that's all we've got, never give up just give it all you've got
When it comes to quitting I simply can not.

"Love knows no boundaries."

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Lyrics written to the song: "Asher Roth - I Love College"
Tags: 820ambition, ascension, centered, dream, family, friends, kin, life, one, rise

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