Face cringe... head rolling to these deaf tones
Escape the universe eyes closed, through my headphones
Familiar path yet never the same
Emotion always flowing, racking on my brain

Just type with free style free through these black keys
Time freeze, tick fast, travel swiftly
Through this time-space, on these rhyme waves
Telepath your soul connect while you have days

Close the door, its late
And sound travels quickly
Tomorrow never promised as this life within me

Talk slow choice words, thoughts fluent simply
Reflecting, yet none can explain these

Touch down, share love loyalty
Steadfast rooted deep in these evergreens

Back yard.. white tees, wiffle b's
On keys, on drums, on bizzies

Heritage preserved not through place or word
But through mind deterred of those thoughts deserved
When we walk we breathe on the boat indeed
Through the past we see how we learned of these
In our mind he'll be, as we move succeed, as we live the dream.

RIP Abaz

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