Rain impedes no good time

Keef drip drop on the kush like raindrops, rain drops
So I'm illin' till the rain stops
Stingray sits across the Cove looking lonesome
Pen to the pad roasting bowls cause its wholesome

Clownin', loungin' cause there's nothing to do
Conway Lake son, its nothing on you

Patches of sun appearing on the water
Wading.. waiting... blue tarp in my way, staked
Steaks.. first night in town
Pouring all week but I'm glad I'm around

Down to venture, munch caps in the dark
Ask about blunts.. down to spark, a fire oh shit
Candyland by the water
Candy sugar coat, smoke rise getting slaughtered

Devise a plan to return with precision
Clarity.. clear as the vision
A future beholds stories untold
Body not mind grows old

So fuck it, we're here to live
Grow, give, be kind and have a good time

Rewind... relive and revise...

Look at that now its dark and its 12PM
Ambition eight-twenty sixty-eight BN

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