One of those 5am joints

Ah... yet once again confused
Horizontal contemplating

Tell me why this record seems to play as it does
Why at times yes it spins so beautiful
Yet at other times I'll be illin yet it skips like my mind on a coaster
No poster.. no wasting time with illusions
Dissolution of desire, no true fire
Rise higher.. on a trail as we raise up together, grow up together, create love together

Confusion round two yet I'm tired of this drama
Can't help but be unsure of the cause of this
Drummer.. drummer drums as I dream and follow my drummer

It leads... forward as the rhythm
Succeed with precision
Undefeatable with each lifetime excision

I drop it all... though a little, and I venture venture
Wake me up at twelve I'll take a bike adventure

No denture, appear... slightly older, bolder
Check my head mind unruly grows colder

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