If the Music Stopped

Christmas Eve mind at ease
Kick back, relax, problems blow in the breeze

Chestnuts like left nuts stay roasting on the fire
Forever to remain like the burning desire

Innovation with no station, losing patience, mind vacation
I'm spacing off elation, no need for explanation

Elation is defined not in rhyme but over time
As an uplifting state of continuous pride

Thats pride and optimism, the absence of depression
Sunshine upon you refracts through your mental prism

Hear Nas, hear Jay, hear Em and D-12
Put that other nonsense back on the shelf

Dutchy, maybe grape or that CT wrapper
Maybe if I spit I'd be a CT rapper

Looking dapper is what I said to Tom upon arrival
Hoping, wishing, praying for military survival

A revival of this music, this rhythm, these lyrics
Endear it, revere it and dance if you hear it

What if one day music finally stopped?
If every last artist had quit or been dropped

iTunes goes down, the radio stops
You'd never hear a jam walking down the blocks

What if Congress inked laws against producing new music
To bang on some drums or write an ill lyric

Every trip in your whip would suck a fat lemon
But hustlers would remain on the street steady selling

Copies of that tape, some jams or some beats
To walk alongside us as we journey through these streets

Of course we'd find a way to continue underground
How could we live apart from that song... and that sound...

Maybe unreal thoughts thinking this could happen
A felony to be somewhere singing and rapping

Mind stranded feeling pain, I'm bored in the rain
Lost for words those times only a song can explain

The melody, it keeps our feet off the ground
With each move, each step, each beat, each pound

Without it we'd be on the ground in the wrong
Late night at the bar less bottles of Dom

We'd break into a building; fully armed
With guitars, a bongo, some drums and a gong

To get to the music locked up in a warehouse
Strapped down as a bandit show the guards we can't stand it

Soundscape remains hollow...
..And we're out here in the cold with no beat to follow

Start with some rhythmics, some taps on the drums
Then eight bars in bring life to the gong

What if eyes teared.. you didn't know why
It's not like you're trying to sit here and cry
I get by... with the calm sound
I get by

Insight.. ignite..
Expand your mind, take flight
Open your eyes and say.. goodnight

Wouldn't last a single day; no song no lyric
Keep the beat alive, spill your soul
And let me hear it.

Lyrics by 820ambition, written to the audio of "Changes" by Tupac Shakur

Tags: 820ambition, if the music stopped, innovation with no station

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