I'm confused.

World is used
Bruised, abused, turned over into
Another day another way
Mutilation ensues
Choose how to move upward, move on and pay dues

Shoes on your feet, lucky to eat
How to continue on until its time to meet
Your maker.. explain to your taker
The divine creator draws a line on the paper

The end? Your time? Pass slow but quickly
Or just your mind.. every time?

Through Clive a cool jive where's it taking me to
It'll puncture and rupture hearing what I've done to you

No verse 2, no time for structure
I'm lost.

Pulling back with no insurance, no ensurance, build endurance
Sweating.. feeling nervous
Like Pervis, deserve this? Unsure on the question mark.

Look to self and a mirror before speaking and preaching
Leaking.. seeking..
Challenging.. impeaching.

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