One day in the Bakery

Need to start somewhere, this is where it began. Humble beginnings writing and delivering some of my first lyrics; rhyming with Anti-clone to one of his masterpieces. One day in the bakery, somewhere between '05 and '06.

Verse 1:
Just got the audio, shit made my lyrical, essence of the track goes deep and spiritual
Ignition in the booth, transfer to the digital, we're all crew but we craft as individuals

Chronic beats and cruising streets made this possible, Cali to Connecticut clearly not illogical
Doc triggers impulse, he is responsible, feel it in your soul the outcome's original
Pivotal.. interval.. the beat drops gradual, step back son 'cause its Jay's turn to handle you..

Verse 2:
Nothing like the transmission of your intuition, destroy all the nonsense forget your superstition
We're on a mission, exposition, initiate a move destroy the competition
Hop into the S5, start an expedition, understand the flow recognize the coalition

The technique of the audio shows heavy with the mandolin
No need to rhyme the beat does the all the handling, pampering
Wait patient for the darkness when the mind stops scrambling

Crafting inspiration in the confines of a bedroom, careful planning, chopping beats and planning every interval
I don't want a Ziploc I just want a saucer full
Making midnight moves while you munch a bowl of cereal.

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