Flight Into the Night

Two jobs ago I walked in and got fired
Rolled to Scotty Deez and then we got hired

Desire, burning through my mind every hour
Set the foundation to build to an empire

Inspire, those like-minded around me
Ambition surrounds me

Coughing through sickness, move forward I'll defeat this
The dream I'll capture, carry me to rapture

A flight into the night
Insight, ignite the mind
Writing is how I legitimize it every time

Patience; a virtue, waiting is not
Got to strike now while the iron's hot

From Lab shows and Rack Those to Timbo's when the wind blows
Journey down to Chase thats where we catch the night shows

Back at Mount Wash. sunlight coats the valley
Eyes to the sky, Ambition Eight-Twenty

It's eight-twenty. It's eight twenty.

With these words I stay brief, but pungent with the lyric
A vision to my soul, testament of my spirit.

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