Bridge the Divide

Just some late night thoughts before laying down to rest.

I sit at my desk at 11:30pm March 26, 2008 fighting off sickness and holding out from sleep for just a few more moments so I can share one little thing with you, myself and maybe one day the world.

Since 2003, I've known that the path in which I'm destined to follow would not be easy. It would not be quick, smooth, void of obstacles, inexpensive, painless or easy. If it was, it wouldn't be worth striving for. My path is unfamiliar, unknown, treacherous and long, yet rewarding. I share my thoughts and my art with the world because it represents who I am and what I feel. My thoughts and feelings aren't any more or less important than anybody else's - I simply can't help but to share them. These thoughts have run through my mind as long as I can remember and will continue to do so as long as I live. We all have beautiful minds, how we utilize its power and transfer its force into the world is entirely up to us.

People touch each other in many ways; in their words, their actions, their help, their art, their support, their friendship, their love. I try to bridge the divide with self-expression, ambition, dedication and art. I spill my passions into everything I create, this is how I connect with you. This is me.

I quickly discovered the power of the internet at an early age, and with the blink of an eye my vision finally started to take shape. I don't know exactly where this venture will take me, but I know that if I truly believe in the blocks in which I stack to build my home in this world, I will stay enveloped in the journey I had always imagined. A journey from my mind to yours, a journey that strives on Ambition, passion, love, dreams, inspiration and progress.

As my adventure continues, I thank all of you for joining me and supporting me in all the crazy ideas I've taken part in over the years. In actuality, nothing would be possible without the love and support of family, friends and those great people that shape our lives and our souls... without each other, we would have nothing. Its been an incredible journey so far and I look forward to continue learning, sharing and growing with all of you. Thanks for your support over the years and supporting that which I truly believe in. One Love. Onward and upward.

The Ambition Network ( has been accessed just under 5,000 times from 591 cities in 39 countries across the globe. Some countries include: the Philippines, Germany, India, France, Malaysia, Italy, Iran and many more. Roughly 3,700 of these hits came from the United States where Ambition has reached 50 U.S. territories and every state in the country with the exception of Alabama and Wyoming. Thats 488 U.S. cities. Ambition owes this credit to its magnificent list of over 45 members that have contributed hundreds of photos, dozens of videos, numerous blog posts and so much more. Look what you've built.

I'd like to leave you with just a bit of inspiration... the philosophy of one of the fastest growing companies on the planet. Though their guidelines may pertain to their company, they can be translated to all aspects of life and business. Hopefully it will inspire you as it has inspired me. Good night everyone, till next time.

The Google Philosophy

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