Back creaking.
Mind leaking.
No speaking.

Just text from the other desk, phone beep another text,
Working and grinding no room for the rest

Heart beats deep in the center of my chest
Crucial thoughts... as I lay down to rest

Tired of sitting in line... waiting
For sixty seconds at the front, get out no debating

Invading this rhyme, thorough with these times
Five gallons for my nickels and saving all my dimes

Signs... of an eminent future
820ambition a pure and natural suture

Back creaking.
Mind leaking.
No speaking.

We've built this life on dreams
This network on teams
Ambition to succeed
Not lust for cream

Each and every day, moving forward is my foreword
Climbing to results as ends come toward

Trust is minimal, no subliminal
Listen to this verse cause each word is pivotal

I get spiritual, late night on the keyboard
A line to my mind where I go and kneeboard
Try to touch the world from this eastern seaboard
Living each day on a mental seashore.

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