Late Night Rawness

I make midnight moves when I ride the groove
Plus plus the volume, turn off the tube

Three keys turning, a long night of burning
Going on five years a long time for yearning

Daily moving forward, turning and learning
Haven't gone to sleep although its reached morning

Take your time when mourning 'cause the world keeps turning
Never give up till its shining and sterling

Clock three digits, passion spew threw my fingertips
Both eyes closed don't matter cause I'm seeing it

Feeling it, dreaming it and seeing 'cause I'm living it
Visions of clarity though you know I be kinda ripped

Steam arise from my shoulders steady conquering boulders
Eternal beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

Smoke rise, close your eyes, don't overanalyze
Too much time in your mind your early demise

I'm not wise but I try to bridge this divide
To help me feel alive as the time flies by

Clock strikes two unsure what to do
Can't sleep cause the mind runs through and through

Acknowledging the truth please grant me repentance
Realize my gifts as I formulate each sentence

What a gift to be alive, a gift to see the sky
What a gift to feel the love break down and cry

Inspired feel your soul, a tear comes to your eye
A beautiful gift just being here tonight
To hear tonight, to revere this night
To not have to sit alone in fear tonight

Friends and family surround, a comforting sound
Battle countless obstacles pound for pound

Loyalty and trust, hard to find these days
A guiding light in darkness when you've lost your ways

Believe in yourself, your dreams keep you alive
Whatever gives you drive, ignites your mind

Stop with the excuses just guide by intuition
Put your ear to the ground quiet and listen
Insight in motion, execute your mission
Climb above the clouds on a mountain of Ambition

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