Indelible Aesthetics

A taste of the indelible oh it's so delectable
I guess 5 days was just the right interval

Twenty hour break retort with the aesthetic
Things may have gone wrong, I'm not apologetic

Two-hundred-thousand domains, man that shit's pathetic
Fly to Pasadena and find these dudes a medic

Infectious, pretentious, this domain game is endless
Travel through this jungle though at times it gets treacherous

ICANN and I will, venture to the top
Four days of silence and this name will have to drop

I.I. like a pirate, aesthetic like the ink
It’s time to burn one down, kick back and think

Cork pops take a drink feel the reaction
Never settle for less, fuck satisfaction

Bring bad product get poor results
Don’t pay your mental taxes your mortgage defaults

I prefer long yaks and snack packs
Quick snaps to quarterbacks
Nice racks and no tax
Sittin' back counting stacks

Of that dough, don’t you know?
I’ll be stacking it in the freezer cook me up a pizza

Make sure you have the guts and disregard the glory
Use your heart to see the vision, ink will tell your story

Don’t matter who you be just come as you are
Take it with you on your travels near or far

In a jar thats a mason is the station for my nougats
My breakfast cereal is usually whatever Drew gets

From cruets of syrup and running through a kitchen
No longer do I have to listen to incessant bitching

Cold chillin, black leather, laid back bumpin RZA
So long are the days where we’d just twist a pinner

Graphic displays, cathode rays, quick days... as the tune plays

Seems everyday I just sit back and think of younger days
How each day was important to the man I am today

This track can play and I can say and it might not make a difference
Its mission accomplished if only theres an influence

Think about the present, the past and the future
Live the dream... and the enjoy the adventure.


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