Snowfall and Rise

Wake up to new thoughts munching down some Crispix
Aggregating news while they search for more suspects

Whats with this world, these peoples these thoughts and these days
Who's to say whats what, whats great, whats real and what pays

Regardless of your efforts, you'll somehow hear the news
Death rape murder and who's fighting who

Let off some steam, end with green, prance over Mad River
Chill of the air, going where, the world can make you quiver

Theres five thousand dead, a storm and an execution
But who's going to pay back our world its restitution?

We all move through this life with similar means
Building teams, ducking fiends and living our dreams

Mind cluttered with schemes as you tailor your next move
Can't deny the love when you just fall into a groove

Find yourself inspired, neck deep in your mental
Go ahead and steal my words, they're just sentimental

Everythings a rental, from people to cars
Turn off your TV and rent your mind to the stars

You'll go far if you are, exactly what you feel
Represent your steezo there's no reason to steal

You don't need to remember, if you never lie
Just 'cause theres no plane doesn't mean you can't fly

Thinking won't get you everywhere, but it can set you aside
Focus on your movements, kick in gear and drive

Without fuel you'll get nowhere, unless you have your bicycle
Often times things are fine as long as theres a handful

Thats all for today cause it's time for me to play
Cause life's more than just living, so please enjoy your stay.

Source: Ambition -

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