Navigating Life

Moving forward swiftly but my progress is stunted
Bad or good I'm in the hood, night falls and I'm blunted

Darkness creeps down the hill like the Explo black
How can two powerful forces suddenly attract?

CTC box full of cans, winery and guts
In the sky, around the bend, in my eyes as I climb out of the ruts

Tearing it up in just three days
Maybe wasting time but time invariably pays

Sun rays, quick days, wake up on the valley
Seems like yesterday I was watching GUTS with Mike O'Malley

Like when time stands still, can't move and don't want to
Like when a mother lifts a car simply because she has to

Ambition is like adrenaline because it burns deep in your soul
So deep you don't know where it is but you know it makes you whole

Though unsure of its location you know how to find it
Like when you come across a thought but don't know how to rhyme it

There's a million roads to take but you only have one journey
In two seconds you could wake up, strapped into a gurney

Carefully choose the combination of roads you will travel
Some will stay on pavement others may take you on gravel

Some will take you here and some will take you there
But this is your life, your heart and your cross to bear.

Know where you're going just as much as you don't. Enjoy the adventure.

"The sun's not the only thing shining..."

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