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Ambition is a constantly evolving, contributor driven, digital media and networking utility. It provides an outlet for people to react upon what they feel passionately about, share with the community and receive feedback.

This is a place for us to grow, learn, communicate, network and expand our minds. With no definition for this project or how it will evolve, its up to us to create and enact our vision.

Express yourself. Customizable member profile, community blog, embed personal slideshows and photo albums and much more. Post and share videos from the web, rate and comment on submissions. RSS feeds allow for simple integration throughout the web.

To create, advocate, acknowledge, support, network, spread and respect quality art, fashion, literature, dance, theater, music, film, design, technique and self expression of any form.

To stay dedicated to innovation, formulating new ideas, lucid perception, keeping an open mind, 820ambition, the idea of always creating and supporting quality work, quality people, originality, karma, trust and following your heart.

To encourage unique thought, cultural respect, love, peace and prosperity towards promoting a more enlightened, conscious community geared towards evolution of the collective mind.

Media based social networking Photo albums & slideshows Music library & player
Customizable member pages Forum & discussion tools Upload & share videos
Social networking integration Complete RSS syndication Community blog

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Established August 6, 2007

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