Beachfront Mentality

A new environment opens the gate to re-evaluate everything from a different perspective. We determine the degree of risks we take not from the choices themselves but the value we assign to what we could potentially lose. You could be at a greater risk if you don't try something. There isn't such a thing as a safe choice, but rather one you're more comfortable with. Knowledge surfaces from all angles, wander from the comfort zone, the easiest path is usually the least eventful. Life can't be understood as nothing is for certain. Reality is constantly changing, adapt to the evolving world or watch it pass by. Is there meaning to this after all? Seems there doesn't really have to be, we can paint anything.

..constantly opening my eyes to what can't be seen

Our perception changes daily, now you can hold what you interpret to be all worldly information in the palm of your hand, without knowing anything about yourself.
Finding Purpose

Time heals all. As another decade comes to a close I remind myself of a few simple yet crucial footnotes in the scripture of life.

Stay connected, but don't confuse connectivity with connection. The ability to make connections isn't what's important, but the capacity to maintain them. People hold real value, belongings merely hold instrumental value. It doesn't matter who holds all the chips when the game is over but instead who found enjoyment while the game was played. Remember, acknowledge, cherish and remind yourself daily what makes you feel the most human. Come alive.

Harness your strength to conceive importance; don't seek something better, only you can actualize what's best for you.There is no purpose to life, purpose is created by what you contribute to existence. Our family pastor mentioned he never liked the idea of God having a plan. Though we can find reason, sense and opportunity in each occurrence, the idea that life has been mapped out for us is something we simply refuse to believe. Control lies within each of us, following the path and expecting positive results is an ineffective means of achieving anything truly desired. Stop expecting it to look like you thought it would look like. Drive the bus or get off it. Refuse to be a passenger in life, traveling in your human conveyance without participating in its operation; unless of course you're not concerned with where you'll end up or what you failed to accomplish on the way.

Here I am just one human of billions, perhaps aimlessly wandering the universe while arbitrarily chronicling my mental travels through this open book. Life is transient, but the soul is everlasting. We're not the first to think this way, feel this way or act this way. The capability to expand on all levels is effortlessly in reach. Pony up $100 for a smart phone and you'll find the answer to every meaningless question you can imagine at any moment. Our perception changes daily, now you can hold what you interpret to be all worldly information in the palm of your hand, without knowing anything about yourself.

My brother left me with a wealth of knowledge, tangible and intangible. His time here can't be summarized, nor can the capacity of his genius. Critics are not my concern - so say what you will, for because of him I've become capable of recognizing the truth.

Understand where importance lies, what its all about and what's really going on here. It has nothing to do with the news, status, gossip, haters, negativity, money, belongings, homes, diamonds, vacations, shoes, meaningless relationships, technology, jealousy, or pity. It is the simplest of the simple, the most basic form of everything, the most basic view of it all is the one you really need to pay attention to. But don't listen to me, this is something we all need to continue to discover for ourselves, throughout each moment we've been blessed to endure.

"The pit is only bottomless if you believe it is such." - Timothy Napoli

Is there such a thing as the end, or is it just a new beginning?
Timothy Jay Napoli
Timothy Jay Napoli
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Tim was happily beyond happy, constantly doing his own thing and not having to adhere to guidelines prepared by life's made-up professionals. To me Tim's glass was half full on a table that was half sturdy. An opportunist that believed people were generally better off disregarding a format and living life freehandedly, opposing society's purposed equilibrium that eventually makes things worse.
- From "For What It's Worth" by Rob Faulkner

Back to the essence
Scripture lifts me to stars, float through the creation I'm building, heres the talent im wielding, here's the credo I believe in. Revere life all seasons, do nothing but what you believe in, live dreaming, keep glossy eyes shining full of love for every reason.
Embrace Life

This time something is different. The average post for bnapoli.com will write itself sentence by sentence as the month progresses, culminating usually at about 30 days when I can't help but to organize whats been running through the old noggin.

This time, rising in the late morning to a new tune I realize nothing is ever what it seems. The planet keeps growing and this rat race simply continues. Our connections, our lives, our way of life, the daily routine, your mind, your body, your friends, your entire existence is completely different now than just moments ago. We shed away the old to make anew, yet the soul remains ever intact - floating through this mystical landscape waving to the trees and oceans as it floats overhead.

Each day we'll be questioned, challenged, taught something new, battled, put up against the odds, thrown a curve ball, twisted, doubted, beaten up, enlightened, scared, happy, loved, unsure, uneasy, believed in and admired. We'll fluctuate from the highest highs to the lowest of lows and back again. We'll rebound, we'll rebuild, we'll overcome what troubles us at the moment we least expect. We will succeed in the face of adversity, we will rise.

The game never ends, so play. Fuck it, hug a tree if you feel like it. Dance in the light. Leave town. Cross the country. Do everything you want, life is temporary. You can't reach the center of the lake without stepping off the dock. Don't feel bad for yourself. Take risks. Take risks. Take risks. Put yourself out there. Stop with the excuses.

We think the world revolves around us until we take a step out of our bubble. This world is full of struggles and changes so don't get too comfortable because there's a new battle on the horizon. But remember not to be deterred; another beautiful sunset follows closely behind. Though aware of how low this life can make you feel, remember how high it can take you. Remember what you're here for and if anything remember you're here to have a good time. Enjoy the fruits of your ancestors, find yourself inspired by the gift of life and improve the lives of your fellow man to whom you pass the torch of enlightenment as you travel down this river of existence.

Friends, open all three eyes and embrace life. Laugh as much as humanly possible, let the light shine in... and out. The future is now, every day is the day to live.

An Aura Perceived

Change is good. With perception dictating so much about the way our mind perceives things you might say the aesthetics of life are powerful beyond even our own recognition.

Making decisions can be time consuming depending on the approach. With choice in abundant variety we can easily forget the illusion of perfection. We learn that indifference to choices can lead to unexpected or unfavorable outcomes. Decide and run with it, follow your instincts, how many times did you switch a test answer to find your first choice was correct? Discover importance in changing the way we see things, the way we react and how we prepare. The guidebook ages, rules are rewritten, the trend drifts and things evolve whether we adapt or not.

Operate with a backup, a fail-safe, a multi front attack. Structured preparation, note-taking and patient analysis won't complicate things but simplify them. Look to streamline operations, optimize work-flow, accomplish more in a shorter time with less rate of return. Accumulation results in steady, manageable growth. Targeting talents to a single focus with more thorough attention to detail will create a better understanding of how to improve.

It's time for understanding and not just listening. The greater the challenge, the greater the preparation. Our High School Football Coach Chuck Drury would always remind the squad; "There is no such thing as luck, luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Weight room pounding. Mental toughness." Words that will stick with us for a lifetime. Prepare for the challenge, always stay focused with eyes on the prize and execute with confidence when the time is right.

He emphasized importance in realizing your potential, envisioning your goals and working to achieve them until you can't bear to stand any longer; then start crawling. Working so hard there's no disappointment in failure because you left everything on the table.

He would remind us not to work hard for anyone else, but to make the promise to improve within. That way giving up would be breaking a promise to ourselves. To do what you say you're going to do, to set goals, to strive for pursuit of the top and meet destiny with diligent preparation. Forget luck and realize we toil for the benefits we reap. Nothing great ever came without hard work and time. He said, "Every day you get better at something or you get worse at it, you never stay the same." How right you are, Coach.

Truth is, we create it on the path of succession.

The time has come.
What I didn't expect,
Realizing it was here all along

What's here? Preparation meets opportunity
Plans begin to execute, realization of the truth

Truth is, we create it on the path of succession, thoughts run parallel combine and gain momentum

Mind opaque with unstructured confusion, panic the illusion meanwhile the real remains elusive

Stress breeds chaos expectation overbearing, execution drowned overcompensation on your bearings

Perception slash reality as bass pounds, echoes through caverns of my cathedral ceilings

In just moments feat acquired now up another notch, pupils to the watch add more lines to the top
Piece together threaded words time determined by these verbs, elating on my mind uplifted as the world turns

A sound wave connection slightly out of reach, voice limited to the confines of my speech
Soul definitive no soapbox to preach, mere pixels to stand out and paint my masterpiece

Dancing in the light I've got nothing to hide, I'm in tune with these vibes, soul built to survive
She's dancing with the spirit, third eye on the rise, 'till the day we never die let us always feel alive

Mental divide dreams scheming on my mind, back on the grind reaching deep down inside
With inspiration legs slightly higher than my thighs, eyes to the sky sweat on sidewalk behind.

Around the clouds
With the times unstable and promise of success subsiding, the subtle importance of keeping yourself inspired on a daily basis is becoming ever more crucial. Whereas we can't control the changes of the tide, we can only control our disposition to it.
Learning to fly

Sunlight of the oncoming day peers through the trees in my peripheral vision, shadows cascading across this element as dawn meets the back of my eye. With body at rest but mind lingering between thoughts of the day ahead and whispers of yesterday, I find myself awake for the ascent documenting this soul scripture simply because its what I must do.

With the entire universe in continuous motion somehow I've always found a certain calmness in creating things on the web. In a world of constant growth and decay, life and death, building and destruction; the internet embodies a playground for our thoughts. Thoughts that once created will remain exactly as we leave them, forming structure and understanding from experiences of the past. A multifaceted diary without definition, distant from the toils of most other types of property it unequivocally exists.

Moments pass, the daylight grows stronger and shadows are cast back into the darkness. Glowing above the treeline this glimmering star of hope continues to represent rebirth, possibility, potential and the prosperity of a new beginning; though my mind is illuminated in a different way. Sensors across each brain hemisphere fire off in a rhythmic pattern, growing and building upon each other in seamless unity. I'm listening to 'One Day' by Matisyahu, he sings; "Sometimes I lay under the moon and I thank God I'm breathing. Then I pray don't take me soon, cause I am here for a reason." His heart connects to the sound, his soul to the music and his voice to the words. The words find the harmony and the harmony finds me. The process renews as I pass that inspiration on to you; art generates more art and we continuously create each other as we create ourselves.

Time usually tends to show us what truly matters. These moments of elevation and unity of body and mind represent the awakening of life. These are the moments we live to explore, the moments that keep us alive. The journey has led us to this inevitable phase where we delineate a massive direction of our lives at a time where sureness is scarce and a guarantee no longer represents the assurance it once provided. Career. Observing the people around me as the branches of a tree, I'm intrigued by the curves and twists each branch takes in its quest for sunlight. With the times unstable and promise of success subsiding, the subtle importance of keeping yourself inspired on a daily basis is becoming ever more crucial. Whereas we can't control the changes of the tide, we can only control our disposition to it. I notice the great people that surround me confidently climbing the ladder and blossoming into their respective niche, step by step. Those we grew up with now begin to fill the shoes of legends who came before; some even create new shoes, wear no shoes or say forget shoes and walk on their hands. Some are moving quickly, some slowly, all for a reason and all for a purpose. We're all given a destination and pointed towards the summit yet we've all managed to come up with our own innovative ways to reach it.

This truly is a land of opportunity, so blessed are we to even have the ability to choose a career path. This is something our forefathers shed blood and fought for in hopes of creating a better future for all of us. To this very moment our brave soldiers are stationed around the globe protecting these ideals and this incredible dream. This past week we honored our independence and those who gave the unimaginable to sustain it, I take a pause from these cascading thoughts of career to respect those that gave even a moment of their lives to protect this for us. Thank you brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces and anyone out there who stands up for our way of life, peace and humanity.

Keep this life cherished and no relationship overlooked, to sustain this reality for all we must live within our means and stay true to the emotions within our soul. Completely scrap this idea of expectation. Consider the importance of planning but live within the moment, over thinking is a passive way of preparing for the future; actions truly speak louder than words. Find joy in failure, a prerequisite to progress, the dignity of the attempt. Don't back down to challenge, obstacles build strength, build character, build life, build you. Do not look for your place in the world, make it.

Notes from beyond
Look to the sky for limits, the ground for examples; within yourself for the answers.

Life has this familiar way of completely breaking apart and subsequently rebuilding itself; falling only to rise once again. Success and failure coupled with time appears to be the methodology in place for us to learn and grow.

This living dream is effervescent. Energy from our collective lives bubbles to the surface of an interconnected reality. We operate together, like it or not. Its just as important to acknowledge changing rules as it is to stay aware of those that aren't.

Indeed these days are crucial, these times are of infinite value, these relationships are the foundation, these moments are the adhesive. This puzzle paints a picture; in the end purpose rests equally within each piece as it only takes one missing link to render the entire masterpiece incomplete.

For The Season
Light within shines outward, intricate maneuvers some side some forward.
Break down build up, rise off the ground, redefine self insight resound.
Life... Digital

A cursor blinks alone on yet another blank page. Nothingness, a clever and appropriate disguise for something far greater than any starting point could distinguish — possibility.

Possibility's infinite reach finds me ever intrigued. These are days we've envisioned, this is the life we've created. Through triumph and struggle we continue on through an endless series of steps, challenges and growth. We build up, we break down, the page turns and we keep moving. We've built an empire within ourselves, amongst ourselves. We are the world, the possibilities are endless.

Basque in your sanctuary. Daydream, if even for a moment. This is your temple. As highlighted by Vibe Theory, what are you broadcasting?

The web and life in general consistently prove themselves to be an endless white page, a blank canvas for the entire world to paint. Both could be defined as a rapidly growing, living, malleable and infinitely expandable worldwide broadcast that manages to transcend time, space and language while simultaneously varying in complexity, capability, style and structure in every conceivable way. When I consider life and the incredible intricacies of being, our bodies, the brain, these absolutely outrageous animals around us and this absurdly beautiful landscape on a gigantic rock spinning out of control through one of countless universes... I find it appropriate that here we are in 2009 with this incredible tool. A tool that will undoubtedly improve, grow, reflect and change the society of this Earth forever. Suddenly there is this different connection. The internet has become part of the next evolutionary step, our piece of history. Surely there is something to be said about this.

The rules are changing. Nothing is set, staying alert is critical. Comfort, a convenient guise in place to precede the next challenge. Nothing wrong with this inevitability, no use getting frustrated by it. We must simply pursue our goals, rebuild and reinvent. Interestingly enough even things set in stone don't last forever. Renewal is not to be disregarded; Earth renewal, renewal of body and self — regeneration. Our ability to act, react and overcome threats in the face of adversity.

Every space is a canvas, every sound is a song, every day is a new step into an endless possibility consciously and subconsciously controlled, directed and endured by you. Meet in the middle, stay human, stay true, be yourself. With the universe in your peripheral, compose through these keys and these days unsure of what will appear before you. Let the times float down the river with their own unique fluency and purity. A blinking cursor awaits the next thought, the next creation, the next development, the next step. How will we utilize this means of communication? This fresh palette.

We no longer write the writing, the writing writes us. The web isn't revolutionary or incredible because its the web, the web is extraordinary because we are the web. In my latest container of strawberries I found a strawberry where three had fused into one, it was delicious. Enjoy this place.

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Some words
Trippin' fall forward in this technicolor dream
Spit bubbles on my screen soul scripture under moonlight
Frustration on the tongue tip, coasting brainwaves on this legendary riff
Classroom Earth

How naive to think tests, quizzes and projects only take place in school. Life has proved itself a vast learning environment without walls, summer break or any conceivable endpoint. Our teachers live amongst us, we see and interact with them everywhere. Each and every experience of varying importance will still somehow appear on the midterm and your computer will likely crash the night before finals. I maintain the optimistic viewpoint highlighted at the beginning of my last post, yet as quickly as one begins to indulge in the delicacies of living, the sour taste of challenge and adversity browns the surface of an otherwise yellow banana.

But these are good things. In this Earth classroom there are far more causes of concern than a bad grade or a weak semester, for this is your life - there is no practice run. Inability to falter and immunity from challenge is nothing short of an illusion; this won't be easy but will always be worth it. To fall is not always proof of weakness, misjudgment or error but rather a test of your perseverance, sustenance and passion. A means of directing oneself towards the real goal, appreciation. "Time waits for no one" said the Rolling Stones. The lesson here? Run with it.

Writing is captivating; if exercised properly it can be so truthful that you'll surprise yourself before finishing what you've started to write. It is a direct line line to your psyche and an indefinable artistic representation of the thoughts that swirl within. With that being said, confusion and frustration can not be the condition that forces one to stagnate, but instead an over complication of that which lies at hand. With a conscious awareness of the present these issues can be defined and overcome. With no endpoint to learning, there is no state unaffected by that which precedes it. Awareness of our reactions to the present reveals the inner truth of who we really are.

Who are you, Who am I? The answer lies within yet another question: Are you up for the challenge?

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Unite these energies, flawless synergy
Whats gotten into me this sounds got me lively
Transcend through this life envisioned, so I concur with my first edition
Unite these energies

What a gift to be alive, what an incredible world. Despite hardships it appears this living reality is surely worth its struggles. Much to be seen, felt and experienced. Though we can't expect flowers without the rain.

The trapped and pre-determined state of the world I once viewed as reality has evolved. Some time ago youthful perception led me to believe the entire world had already been explored; everything had been done. No waters were left uncharted, no magical islands were yet to be discovered; these things only happened in the movies. There were rules to this game and no sense in even attempting to break them, I thought.

Now there is realization of how united and ever changing this universe actually is. The Earth, an organism much like the human body has countless interwoven parts working and growing together in continuous motion. Living, dying, changing, breathing, evolving, using and creating energy. This "ride" as Bill Hicks might say, is remarkably malleable and far more intricate than I believe any of us could ever know. Yet 'knowing' isn't exactly that which we seek or could possibly ever understand, but instead knowing all the answers to life ultimately seems to reconvene at the importance in knowledge of self. Perhaps there is no answer, there isn't necessarily any purpose; all that is perceived is merely a perception and each passing moment beholds a new measure, as we evolve.

Enjoy it. No coincidences.

Watch Kymatica (the sequel to Esoteric Agenda) by Ben Stewart.
In the book, 'The Prophet' by Khalil Gibran, he poetically states: "I say that even as the holy and the righteous cannot rise beyond the highest which is in each of you, so the wicked and the weak cannot fall lower than the lowest which is in you also." Every one of us has the capability to commit the most horrifying sin, or show the most beautiful compassion to our fellow man. This is the very definition of an illness within the psyche and soul of man.
- Ben Stewart, Kymatica

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Latest in Chronicles: It's like that
Wander through trees leaves encased in ice, overflow with style around town entice. Orange slice on the tip, not Q but the moon, its blue and we're due it'll pickup soon.

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Persistence. Its become clear the most successful people are those who remain prevalent, available and consistent with their exposure. They are constantly upgrading, changing, growing, sharing, enhancing the product and perfecting techniques. Creativity, consistency and improvement are key, but worthless without each other. Yet true effectiveness seems to rely on balance, efficiency, quality, rhythm, ambition and the desire to improve. Flooding the marketplace with product may appear logical, profitable and genius in certain cases; yet as in running, an unbalanced pace seems to throw off the exercise as a whole. Without improvement, exposure is merely attention rather than recognition of growth.

Taking chances is necessary, but easier said than done. If you don't put yourself out there to change something now, you can't expect anything to change later.

There's a certain aura in the air, this feeling of 2009. Its different. Perhaps increased awareness that we're all just here together. Far more than Obama-hype because he didn't create this sense of hope, faith, power and strength in people; we merely recognize it in him. This is simply appreciation that someone is making it clear to anyone willing to listen how power lies within you and together we are capable of accomplishing anything. This 2009 isn't about what Obama will do for us but rather what we will do for ourselves and for each other. How can we improve our own lives? How can we concurrently improve the lives of others? What is really most important? Crucial thoughts on this appropriate day in which we honor the great Martin Luther King Jr. and his indelible mark on history.

Evaluate - There are so many problems it seems nearly impossible to get your mind around your own problems let alone the problems of the world.
Prioritize - Maintain efficiency but refuse to sacrifice quality at all costs.
Constantly improve - I once read 'anything watched, monitored and maintained consistently will grow.'

"Every day you get better at something or you get worse at it, you never stay the same." - Chuck Drury

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Not much for words as now seems a good time to think and reflect. The closing of 2008 and once again a new beginning. This a crucial year, a crucial time, a defining moment. Attention to key elements will prove to be essential in the attainment of success. Establishing goals, harnessing power through focused thought and persistent application, keeping in tune with self and those who are most important; ambitions that resonate with influential clarity.

Latest addition to Chronicles: Ascension
One pass, one trip, one venture... among those who came before
Inhale some life, exhale the dream, touch down on this plane and project your beam

You've got to please your star player - Katt Williams
| Keys To Success by Eugene Robert White Jr.
Stream | Opportunity

Life infrastructure and organized surrealism

One life, one chance; simple enough. Sometimes it takes something as simple as a minor injury to remind us to proceed with caution but not to walk. Varying perceptions, perception change and the advantages of awareness to them; a reoccurring thought of late that seems far too important to ignore. With one life to lead it seems we might emphasize doing what keeps us feeling alive. Perhaps dance more often, sing, hug, gather, share. A new quote was part of a discussion that blossomed from a mutual recognition of the beauty of writing; pure self expression. Reiterating lack of coincidence diverts more thought towards understanding symbolism, especially through self.

The latest observation: John Lennon 820 symbolism

A fellow journeyman wrote in response to the previous post, "It's like looking at everything again for the first time... Regardless of bad or good there's always some beauty behind it."  True indeed.

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Talk slow choice words, thoughts fluent simply
Reflecting, yet none can explain these

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Love is omnipotent

Perception change; an oft overlooked means of appreciation and understanding. Incredible as the perceived remains unaffected while the perciever's entire understanding of the observed can change with profound immensity; as perceptions are infinite. In a majority of conventional artistry the artwork tends to have a point of completion; strangely enough a website doesn't have to. A continually developing and evolving piece of art, an intangible yet indelible evolving thought reflecting life and growth.

How extraordinary it was to see so many people come together to have a great time in a tribute of love to a friend. Everyone involved with the 1st Annual Will Rickert Memorial Scholarship Flag Football Tournament did a wonderful job organizing and being a part of an event that really couldn't have better expressed the power of the man that was Will Rickert. Friends of past and present reunited with the number 54 across their backs and made a seemingly normal November day into a proper memorial and appropriate way of keeping us together. You couldn't help but laugh to think about how he would have enjoyed it. Pretty sure we all could envision it as we relaxed and enjoyed football all day in the very same place he and other PHS greats had played before, with and after him.

— "You know more than you think, stop worrying about it and just do it."
George Steinfeld

— Seriously, there are no coincidences.

— The symbolism in this life is undeniably prevalent and attention to it is effective in understanding cause and effect regarding the inner and outer workings of this reality.

Life is so short, everything and everyone in our lives continuously teaches and helps us evolve.

— How are we living our days?

— Remembering the lives of a few great men this week is a powerful and significant reminder.

— We're not just here, we're here together.

Love is omnipotent.

Journey ≥ Destination

A few words from 'Transcend
Just type with free style free through these black keys; time freeze, tick fast, travel swiftly
Through this time-space, on these rhyme waves; telepath your soul connect while you have days
Close the door, its late, and sound travels quickly; tomorrow never promised as this life within me
Talk slow choice words, thoughts fluent simply; reflecting, yet none can explain these

To audio: Collie Buddz - Blind to you

Open your mind, understand reality.
Find yourself inspired, neck deep in your mental, go ahead and steal my words they're just sentimental. Everythings a rental, from people to cars. Turn off your TV and rent your mind to the stars.

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Ahhh its good to be back

Welcome to bnapoli.com 3, the third chapter of a digitally evolving life guidebook. Human beings and the earth evolve with such incredible beauty, its only natural for our online presence to evolve concurrently. The origin of bnapoli.com is deeply rooted in a belief that self expression is fueled by powerful artistry, innovative technique, conceptual longevity and personal ingenuity. From this Connecticut perch I merely document the times, evolve with the world and express some thoughts through whichever creative outlet suits my mental vortex.

Learning from each other and those who came before us plays a crucial role in creative reasoning. All great minds were ridiculed at least once in their time; for it seems much easier to go along with what seemingly is than to investigate what may be. Only by learning what is wrong can we discover what is right. Realizing I knew nothing opened the door to discovering everything.

There are no coincidences
Thoughts of a great man consumed my mind late one October night in 2007. A chapter ended and subsequently began, the page turned and I wrote: "Who knew how far one could touch with the mere wingspan of a man. If you couldn't realize before perhaps now you can." Through this invaluable moment and the many that followed and preceded it - I began to understand what it really means to change the world. Our unmistakable power as human beings to alter the landscape of the future is so beautiful no words can touch it - and rightfully so. Some things don't deserve to just be explained, they simply must be experienced.

Through our connections with each other and more importantly within ourselves can we discover the purpose of life, to love. We're all just a piece of the same thing. The Earth is just as much a part of us as we are each other. We're a highly complex organism, a sequence, a pattern, a vibration - constantly moving, changing, growing and evolving. There is no silence, there are no coincidences, music is beauty, you can feel colors and there are so many things happening all around/in you that it just might blow your mind to investigate it for yourself. The answers to the important questions lie within.


Exploring this very website as early as two weeks ago would have resulted in the typical belly laugh you'd expect from your old chum bnapoli.com. Yet this time, your giggling would be followed by an unusual surprise. You'd have noticed the left side of your screen was covered in large blue links containing some rather disturbing pornographic phrases I'll choose not to repeat.

Hacked you say?
It's true. What gain is there to be had from a collection of grade school hijinx, photos and chronicled ridiculousness? Not too much. Hackers spam links to porn websites on innocent webspace to accumulate meager pay-per-click advertising revenues at the expense of web developers such as myself.

Both disgusted and humored by the occurence, I decided to use this comical situation as an engine to rebuild a once thriving community of jestworthy notes and laughables. Though the tone here may have changed considerably since 2003, the fundamentals of the original bnapoli.com remain intact. We've all simply evolved. In the past few years, globalized social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook emerged into the social media; overtaking online presence and occupying considerable amounts of time in the lives of our generation. With an overbearing presence of these outlets, a concept like bnapoli.com might no longer seem as innovative as it was in 2003.

I'd like to think this website may have pioneered a similar idea even before these networks were developed - but nothing is to be gained by debating the idea. Instead, I use the thought as motivation to move forward. A thorough believer in everything happening for a reason, I'm glad things have played out as they have. For now, I continue to advance in pursuit of that which is powerful and inspirational to me.

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The boardwalk at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, Connecticut, August 2009

The dock on Raymond Pond, Maine, June 2009

Southbury Farmland, August 2008

Clifford & The Lime poking around the rocks in New Hampshire, July 2007

Left to right: Dan, Ellen, Myself, Kevin, Ashley in New Hampshire, July 2008

On the rocks with the blueberry, the lime and an unidentified skeleton. New Hampshire, July 2007