The most interesting aspect of aging is the acquisition of wisdom. Heightened awareness. A more thorough understand of what’s really happening right now. We spend so much time planning for the next move that often we neglect what’s right in front of us.  We’re hindered by ourselves. Nothing really stops us, but…(Read More)

The most important business decision I made before the start of 2012 was to set goals for the year. Yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals. Revenue goals, personal goals, accomplishment goals; always plotting and positioning for the next step. Setting goals helped myself and my business stay on track because I felt accountable to the…(Read More)

In this life I’ve been rewarded with the greatest of gifts and the lowest of disappointments. In life, relationships, business, finances and education. I’ve ridden the rollercoaster of existence from wavelength to wavelength…(Read More)

When I wake up tomorrow, I won’t read this and wish I never wrote it. I won’t quietly delete it from my website and hope nobody had a chance to see it. I will be honest with myself, acknowledge where I’ve been wrong and use this moment of clarity as an indication…(Read More)

Connecting the Dots


I’m completely invigorated by life and its constant ability to change and grow. Yesterday was the past and today is a vast new opportunity…(Read More)

The more and more I uncover new truths about life, the more I see the parallels in business, learning, progress and the sport of existence. New understanding in any area pays interest on all accounts…(Read More)

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